Sensual Massage Therapy FAQ

I'd like to book in but I've never had sensual massage and I'm a bit nervous?

This is quite understandable especially if it is something completely new to you.  I would suggest that you bring a partner or friend with you who could either sit in the massage room with you or sit in my lounge watching TV. 

You are always welcome to contact me here or on Messenger, WhatsApp or text to arrange a chat with me and we can go from there, and at this point we can discuss the type of massage you would like with any boundaries that you have.

What if I get aroused and make a noise?

Well, that has to be expected and is a sign that you are clearly enjoying the massage.  It is a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to a good sensual massage.

Can I talk to you?  Can I touch you?

Yes of course you can talk to me while I am giving massage especially if you find a chat relaxing.  I don't mind being touched either; again it is a perfectly normal and healthy reaction to the arousing nature of sensual massage.

Can I have a shower before we start?

Yes, I have full shower facilities and you are welcome to shower before and after the massage.

What can I expect during the massage?

I start with you lying face down on the table; I apply oil to your back and then massage with Swedish and deep tissue movements using finger, hand and forearms.  This loosens your muscles and make them more supple to the touch while easing you into the massage so that you become more relaxed.  I then move from your lower back to your glutes and massage the area which will help give improved movement and suppleness to your whole lower back.

I move to your legs, apply oil and massage your feet, calves, hamstrings and inner thighs.  Subsequent thigh strokes lead into a more sensual oil massage of your intimate/private area.  This usually includes delicate massage to the vulvic area, accompanied by Grafenberg spot and breast tissue massage. 

We take a break from the sensual elements and I turn you face up and massage your shoulders, arms and hands.  I massage your breast tissue and move to your stomach.  Further massage follows to your lower abdomen and intimate areas.  The massage ends with massage to the thighs, lower legs and feet.

What if I don't like what you are doing or I want a break?

Just tell me immediately if you feel uncomfortable and I will adapt the massage to your liking.  It is unlikely that this would happen as we would have discussed your boundaries prior to starting. 

If you do feel uncomfortable, or wish to take a break, just let me know and we can take a break and I will give you some water.  

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