Sensual Massage Therapy

I have created this page to give additional information on Sensual Massage and to answer questions.

What is sensual massage?

Sensual Massage is a very special massage but is quite simply a therapeutic massage with elements of arousal built in.  People can come to a safe location and enjoy a massage which can give them a strong feeling of empowerment combined with a feeling of complete relaxation.

It is the most complex massage to deliver; in other massages the masseur can be generous in his hand movements, but with sensual massage the work is far more nuanced as the intimate areas are more sensitive to touch than other areas of the body - and every person is different in how they arrive at climax.  Great care must be taken to bring a person to climax as the slightest deviation of a fingertip can deny the person climax, and the intense feeling may never be restored again during a session.  

Who benefits?

Sensual massage can be particularly suitable for people who are in the following life situations:

  • They are single, and who do not wish to be in a relationship, but miss physical intimacy
  • They are married, sometimes very happily; they do not want an affair but may not enjoy the same level of intimacy as they had previously enjoyed in the marriage
  • They are married and want to enjoy an experience together where the husband wants to watch his wife receive a professional massage with a sensual element
  • They may have an issue with climax and orgasm and may wish to enjoy orgasm in a safe and understanding environment
  • They feel that life is short and want to have some safe relaxing fun

Stigma, guilt and conscience

I believe that people like the idea of sensual massage, but the obvious issues of stigma and guilt can be difficult to grapple with and to overcome.  The nice thing about sensual massage is it is just a massage and nothing else. 

When you go to an established masseur who has a reputation for resolving chronic pain, no-one really knows what you are doing, and you can say that you are going for a massage with a clear conscience. 


Another nice thing about sensual massage is that you are coming for a massage with sensual elements - you do not have to do anything - just concentrate on relaxing and being in the moment while you allow the feelings of arousal stimulate your senses and experience the rush of relief on climax.

The Masseur

This is an important point - the most important point on this page, as your safety and the quality of your experience depends on it.  Your choice of masseur is important.  The masseur must be doing this for the right reasons and not be an unqualified opportunist .  A competent masseur should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • A desire to help people fully relax or recover from pain through massage therapy
  • Be able to show a successful business in non sensual massage 
  • Should be clean and fully clothed at all times
  • Should be qualified and insured
  • Should have great reviews

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