Karen Williams  recommends 

January 12 2020

Having had serious foot issues after an operation had treatment with Myles and all I can say without his treatments I would not be walking without pain.
Highly recommend Myles and cannot thank him enough

Tracey Cameron  recommends 

September 27 at 5:38 PM

Had huge trouble with my muscle and was in agony and came out pain free. Myles is very professional and knowledgeable in his field.

Andy Kidd

11 weeks ago (via Google)

Myles helped me out beyond belief, I recently hurt my back to the point that i couldn't stand more than 15 seconds. After an hour massage I gained more movement and mobility and a huge loss of the intense pain I had, very friendly individual and catered to all my needs. Very highly recommend and will be a repeat customer!

Bianca Maria McCabe  recommends 

May 11

Sore shoulder for 4 weeks and started to get really painful. After 1st visit felt so much better already.

Carl Thorne  recommends 

Amazing ! i suffer from a curved spine and can honestly say my neck,shoulders and back feel so loose now and comfortable. lovely man very easy to talk too and caring. highly recommended

Chloe Beaton  recommends 

November 16 at 6:02 PM · 

One of the best deep tissue massages. Myles was very friendly, very professional and very helpful. After the massage, my back felt much looser, after working in retail for 3 years took its toll. He gave me lots of helpful hints as to how to prevent back pain in the future. 100% recommend.

Paul Cooper  recommends 

November 5 at 1:56 PM · 

After a week of pain from tension headaches that were showing no signs of disappearing, Myles sorted it with his magic hands. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants a massage for pain relief or pleasure. It was a great massage and it fixed the problem.

Amanda Picken  recommends 

October 28 at 12:37 PM · 

Absolutely cannot recommend Myles enough. Agonising back pain Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Myles was recommended to me and saw me almost straight away and my back is so much better already. Lovely chap and fabulous job done.

Kate McStraw  recommends 

August 12 · 

Myles is really brilliant. He sorted my frozen shoulder out after months of being in pain, which no painkillers, exercises and even some sessions with a chiropractor didn't manage to sort out. I highly recommend.

Jules Doherty reviewed — 5 star

May 25 · 

Absolutely fantastic deep tissue massage from Myles. I have M.E and Fibromyalgia, and Myles understood how it affects my body and his massage left me feeling relaxed and loosened up the muscles I have problems with. Great value for money, great service, highly recommended.

Katie Endicott reviewed — 5 star

May 18 · 

This was literally the best massage I’ve ever had! Great professional service, amazing value for money, I cannot make a high enough recommendation for this guy! Will be booking the next visit ASAP.

Jo Hunnisett reviewed — 5 star

May 6 · 

Went to see Myles who has worked on my back and has helped me so much last few days .Would definitely recommend. Will definitely returning Thank you Myles.

Sean Williams reviewed — 5 star

May 3 · 

I'm not someone who reviews things, however tonight I have had the best massage in a very long time! I will be returning for sure. Highly recommended.

Phill Mulvana reviewed — 5 star

March 13 · 

Great service, fantastic treatment and a real interest in solving the issue. Would highly recommend Myles and his work

Allison Standley reviewed — 5 star

March 6 · 

I have a frozen shoulder, Myles has made it possible for me to manage to continue looking after my husband again thanks to his careful and fantastic techniques. He’s such a generous and kind masseur. I highly recommend him.

Kristian King reviewed — 5 star

March 2 · 

Had lower back pain from an injury sustained at work and after one session my back is a lot better!! Fantastic work and cheap and affordable too, would recommend to anyone who is suffering with aches and pains! Will definitely be back again

Tom Tom reviewed — 5 star

March 1 · 

Myles is absolutely brilliant. Not only did he sort out the muscle tension/frozen shoulder he explained every concept regarding the problems. He then gave advice to be able to self help mine and my partners issues at home.

Gareth Millard reviewed — 5 star

February 27 · 

Fantastic just got home from my 1st session and can't believe the difference. I drive for a living so get a lot of upper back pain. My back feels so much better. Thank you so much!

Matt Heather reviewed — 5 star

February 22 · 

I am a Personal Trainer so I need regular deep tissue massages. My wife uses Myles regularly and was complementary, so I had a taster session. Very impressed. My muscles are not as sore and are moving more freely. Also I feel more relaxed. I will definitely be returning.

Stephanie Smith reviewed — 5 star

February 20 · 

Wow that’s all I can say can highly recommend this man if you suffer with stress and tension looking forward to my next massage �

Jeanette Caruana reviewed — 5 star

February 8 · 

I suffer from chronic shoulder and back pain. Been to many different massage therapists. Myles is definitely one of the best therapists I have ever been too. His passion in his work is very obvious. He gives time and undivided attention and he looks like he actually enjoys what he does ( uncommon these days). Very skilled hands. Molly is cute too :)

Adele Heather reviewed — 5 star

February 6 · 

Gosh what an improvement in my wellbeing after one session. I was so tense and after my massage I feel a stone lighter.I was looking for seated massage as have trouble lying down due to health issues. This was perfect for me ! Such a lovely guy with a warm and welcoming home, perfect relaxation and some great advice. Very happy customer, can't wait to book my next one �

Amy Slater reviewed — 5 star

January 27 · 

Thank you Myles. Thoroughly enjoyed my massage and will be coming again. ��

Alison Jefferies reviewed — 5 star

January 27 · 

Just had my first seated massage with Myles... Totally de-stressed now....thankyou and look forward to another session.

Rachel Haynes reviewed — 5 star

December 18, 2017 · 

I have just got home from a seated back massage with Myles. He is a really lovely man and made me feel very comfortable. He listened carefully to the descriptions of the discomfort I am suffering and really focused on those areas: I can feel an improvement already. He also gave me some advice about exercises I can do help, and the massage itself was great. Highly recommended.

Jessica Staeck reviewed — 5 star

December 16, 2017 · 

This was my and my partners first massage ?‍♀️ and we absolutely enjoyed it. Thanks again we be back soon ?

Silvia Lawrence reviewed — 5 star

December 11, 2017 · 

The Best Massage I have had in years, Myles made the strain in my shoulders disappear in minutes. Felt so relaxed- highly recommend. Thank you Myles

Michele Romaine reviewed — 5 star

October 10, 2017 · 

Wonderful massage in peaceful surroundings. It is one of the best massages I have ever had. Would highly recommend.

Alun Gray reviewed — 5 star

August 24, 2017 · 

An excellent massage, my posture was so much straighter after as I get pain my shoulder.

Tina Barnett reviewed — 5 star

August 19, 2017 · 

I had a deep tissue massage with Myles today and I would throughly recommend. It was just what I needed. Thank you.

Debbie Southern reviewed — 5 star

July 29, 2017 · 

Highly recommended.

Great massage, knots removed and I can move so much easier. Will definately come again. Thank you.

Michael Jones reviewed — 5 star

July 19, 2017 · 

Superb massage and a throughly nice and decent man. Will definitely use again

Claire Richards Gottemaker reviewed — 5 star

July 7, 2017 · 

Wow! The best massage I have ever had! I have come home feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated. Myles is also such a kind, lovely and interesting man. The room is set up beautifully as well. Honestly Myles I cannot thank you enough. It was a pleasure to meet you and the massage was out of this world! Highly recommended and 5 stars from me.

Tina Ann Boulton reviewed — 5 star

June 28, 2017 · 

I have just come back from my first swedish massage with Myles. Such a freindly open nice person. Very profession in all areas. Cant wait for my next massage next week. Brillient expirence. Relaxed and ready for sleep. Anyone booking myles will not be disapointed. I will be reccomending family and friends. Good luck Myles.