Seated or On Site Massage (OSM)

On site massage, chair massage or seated acupressure massage is a 20 minute massage which is given while the client is clothed and seated on a professional massage chair.  The massage is given at the client’s place of work hence the name.

On site massage addresses some of the main reasons why many people do not book massages:

1.  They do not want to remove clothing

2.  Going to a strange location to receive massage

3.  Perceived cost

4.  Treatment time

5.  Some people do not want oil or wax on their skin

The basic sequence lasts 20 to 30 minutes, which makes this style of massage ideal either for the home or a busy workplace environment. 

Clients and employees benefit from a quick, dynamic and de-stressing therapy and can return to their work feeling more energetic and focused.  Tense muscles relax, blood circulation is increased and the organs of the body tonified. This type of body tune up keeps employees operating at peak performance.

This massage is further enhanced by finishing off with electric percussion treatment to the back and shoulders.

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