4 hand sensual massage

This version of sensual massage is given by one male and one female therapist.

We feel that sensual massage can present an anxious and potentially foreboding situation for many women, in that no matter how much they would like to have a sensual massage, they feel that they cannot partake for many reasons, including fear of the unknown, perceived threats to the person etc.

This we feel is a shame, as women in particular gain many medical benefits from sensual massage aside from the arousal and climax from the sensual component of the massage.  This is because we are therapists first and foremost and we pride ourselves on delivering a thorough massage to ITEC rules.

We aim to deliver one of the most empowering experiences available combining absolute relaxation with the dopamine hit of multiple climaxes.

We feel that the time is right to offer real service at a reasonable rate while delivering the safety, care and discretion that you would expect from a professional married couple.

The preceding pages on sensual massage  cover the topic in some depth, but you should feel free to ask any questions.

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Pricing (no extra charges):

60 minutes £100

90 minutes £150